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SEO, Social Media, Videos, and On-line Classifieds give you the most comprehensive and results driven marketing campaign available.



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By Using The POWER OF 4


All our videos and photos are shot in 4K ultra high resolution giving you the CLEAR edge over your competition.  We create for you the highest quality to give you that polished professional look and feel.


We support up to 29 social media sites for you filling them with relevant and viral content to get you noticed as the expert in your industry. We market you, your business, your product and your industry's current trends and news.


Effective layouts for online advertising bring the best possible response rates.


The latest in search technology gets your videos and content where your prospects look for top performers like you.

Our videos simply get you noticed.  With 5 different types of videos your reach on the Internet is limitless.  The videos are used in every aspect of what we do for you.  They truly are the difference maker for you.  Videos are one of the main tools to get you noticed and supports your SEO.

Exclusive Add-On Services

* On-Site Video

* Retargeting

* Facebook Advertising

* YouTube Advertising

* Custom Website Design


About Us

What Our Clients Say

Intelligent Media Design is the premiere Internet marketing technology developed by Techelp, the leader in everything digital.  Intelligent Media Design is specifically designed for todays small business.  Techelp designed IMD to get real and true results and spent countless hours developing, testing and improving.  In fact this seems to be an endless circle.  Techelp is continually testing and improving IMD to make sure that it is the most effective and results driven product out there for Internet marketing.





“I got great results and fast too.  I was able to double my units and triple my income within a few months ”

Terry N.

Car Salesman

“They came out and shot a video of me.  They were very professional and knew exactly what they were doing.  When I saw the finished product I was amazed ”

Amy B.

Real Estate Agent

“The quality of the clients that I get from IMD is great!”

Jeff K.

Business Owner

“I own a cleaning service with a lot of competition.  They got me at the top of the search engines and my phone rings everyday with new customers I get from them. ”

Ted D.

Business Owner

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